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The people of our church have a vision! We have a vision that begins with the faithfulness of those who have preceded us. We have a vision that emerges from our desire to be inspired and effective followers of Jesus Christ. We have a vision that grows in our hearts as we commit to serve him together.

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  • Bible Study - Hi Folks, Tue, Jun 7th will be your last chance to join us for Bible study until Fall.  Hopefully we can explore some things to...
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  • May 15, 2016 “The Spark” - SCRIPTURE:  Acts 2:1-42 MESSAGE    “The Spark” Pentecost Sunday is always a lot of fun, with bright red, yellow and orange colors, a happy confusion of...
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  • - The May-June newsletter is now online. Click Newsletter on the menu.

Upcoming Church Events

Date/Time Event
07/03/16 9:45am Sunday Service
07/10/16 9:45am Sunday Service
07/17/16 9:45am-11:00am Communion
07/17/16 9:45am Sunday Service
07/24/16 9:45am Sunday Service
07/31/16 9:45am Sunday Service
08/07/16 9:45am Sunday Service
08/14/16 9:45am Sunday Service
08/21/16 9:45am Sunday Service
08/28/16 9:45am Sunday Service
09/04/16 9:45am Sunday Service
09/11/16 9:45am Sunday Service
For a complete calendar see the events page by clicking Events on the top menu for a complete calendar or click Read More below for a chronological list.

Bible Study

Our church has a wonderful Bible Study group that generally meets every 4th Tuesday of the month from fall through spring.
We are a very friendly and somewhat informal group of folks that just love to get together to read and learn from God's word.
We would be so pleased if you would join us to share thoughts, questions, and insights concerning the teachings of our Lord.
Click the read more link below to view our blog with upcoming study information and highlights of past studies.

Read Our Bulletin

Check out our Sunday bulletin. Most weeks you can read the Sunday complete bulletin 2-3 days ahead of time online. Be prepared for the sermon topic, see what's happening on Sunday, view upcoming events as well as getting a heads up on all the other information normally in the bulletin.

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Current Newsletter

The May-June newsletter is available online as a special web version.
If you are a member of our church and would like a copy of the full version emailed to you please email me at byronfpc@jwmoore.com.

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Marsha Wenhold, CRE will be preaching and leading the Lord's Supper at 9:45 Am Sunday Worship. Marsha previously served as an intern at our church and has preached here on many occasuionS. Welcome back, Marsha! ... See MoreSee Less

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Psalm 96 –

this Sunday we have two special events in one at worship – a celebration of Sunday School, and a celebration of high school and college graduates. The preaching theme comes from Psalm 96, “Tell”. So one part of the message is to encourage our young friends to find the voice they need to tell the story in the wider world of what they have learned by being a participant in our church. The second part is to ask everyone in our church to think of a one sentence piece of wisdom or advice they could tell someone who is graduating. What advice would you give, based on your faith and experience so far in life? Tell us!
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Psalm 96 – The theme we are going to lift up on Sunday is from this Psalm, “Tell”. So can you remember a time, recently or in the past, when you had something important to tell? Not just anything, but something really important to tell! What are the symptoms of eagerness to tell a story? Crashing into the conversation others may have been having? Faster heart beat? Running out of breath and words as the story spills out? Wild hand gestures to accompany your story?

I remember Sandra P., who would burst into the youth group room after school and would launch into her dramatic story of the day. It always went something like this: “You guys, you won’t believe what happened!” After getting the full attention of everyone in the room, she would go into every last incredible detail, in a blow-by-blow style, something like “then she said … and then I said … then she goes … and then I go …” all the way to the dramatic conclusion, which often ended with something like “and then the teacher sent me to the principal’s office!”.

As Christians we have a story to tell, but do we ever tell that story like Sandra did? I think we’re often too quiet, and think our story unimportant. Sandra had everyone’s attention. What story would you, could you, tell about Jesus, about God, or anything else about your faith that would get the attention of others? Tell us!
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Hi Folks, Tue, Jun 7th will be your last chance to join us for Bible study until Fall. Hopefully we can explore some things to meditate on during the summer months to keep us growing in our faith, living our faith more fully, and receiving God’s blessings that He gives so freely.
The summer can seem like a somewhat “dry” season for the church. There is no Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost or other major Christian event or season to celebrate, look forward to, or otherwise focus on! What are we to do?
That’s exactly what we will be talking about. What season are we in – what do you know about it – what should we be doing -- and, for extra credit, what is it’s color?
To help us with this we will be reading Psalm 146 and learning a little about the Psalms in general as well.
Give this all a little thought, or maybe even research, and come share with the rest of us. God gives us the Bible to guide us but you are the vessels he uses to teach us. Please come.!
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A celestial quiz!

A. How many planets are in our solar system?
B. Where is the tallest mountain in the solar system located?
C. What is the furthest distance from Earth that a human being has traveled?
D. At the speed of light how long would it take one of us to reach the nearest star?
E. Who was the first to propose that the earth revolves around the Sun?

Hear about these and other wonders on Sunday
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Psalm 8

Do you ever gaze at the night sky? What celestial objects draw your attention. What does the moon or the stars have to do with God?
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Psalm 8

What are some of the situations that might cause you to start singing? In reference to Psalm 8, what do you think caused the Psalmist to start singing?

I distinctly remember driving along 490 one day. The sky was pure blue. I had a great feeling inside about something. When a favorite song came on the radio at that moment everything fell into place. I didn't write the song, but I knew all the words!
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This Sunday's Sermon teasers:

1. Psalm 23

Read the Psalm. It is a very familiar one to most people. Is there a phrase that especially jumps out at you as you read it today, or is there a phrase that intersects with your life somehow? On a cold April day one phrase that gets my attention is "lying down in a green pasture", because it's been a long time since any of us laid down on the grass around here! Which phrase gets your attention?

2. Psalm 23

The phrase that I am going to spend time with on Sunday during the worship service is "He restores my soul". I'm not sure yet how I'm going to expand on this in a sermon, but I'll be taking a long drive tomorrow and that will give me plenty of time to ponder it. First of all, I'll need to reflect on what my soul is! Where is it, what is it, how is it? Has it been unraveling, weakening or or fragmenting? And what are some of the ways God can restore it? These days I think it is mainly music that creates an opening for God's restorative work, music that I listen to, and music that I practice. So that's one direction I might go with the message. And maybe that's appropriate as a lead-in for the following Sunday when we enjoy the music of The traveling Troubadours/Old Hippies" during worship. Music restores my soul; how does God reach your soul? Prayer, singing, exercise, reading, cooking, children & grandchildren?

3. John 10:11-18

Along with the Psalm 23 we will also be reading from John's Gospel, the part where Jesus describes himself as the "Good Shepherd", perhaps a more intimate extension of what is offered in the Psalm. One obstacle for me is that I'm not too familiar with shepherds and sheep, so I try substituting words that relate more closely to my own experience. A teacher and students, a supervisor and workers, a conductor and musicians, and a coach and a team come to mind. How else might you connect with this reading out of your own experience?

4. Psalm 23 and John 10:11-18

On Sunday we will share communion. In a departure from our usual communion liturgy I'll be making frequent reference to these two readings and the images they offer for the love of Christ touching our lives in the bread and the cup. God is ready to offer so much! Are you ready to receive what God has to offer? Join us!
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