Byron Presbyterian Church
6293 West Main (PO Box 206)
Byron, NY 14422-0206

James R. Renfrew, Pastor
Shannon Thompson, Clerk of Session

July 3, 2020

“When they said, ‘Let’s go to the house of GOD,’ my heart leaped for joy.” [Ps 122]

Dear Church Family,
A church leadership team has developed a plan for re-opening the church for in-person Sunday Worship. We are excited about the opportunity to re-open, but, of course, we will continue to follow safety precautions. Our plan is informed by New York State health requirements and Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. We have also been advised by the Presbytery of Genesee Valley, and we appreciate the surveys that we have received from members and friends of the church.

The date for re-opening will be Sunday, July 19th, 9:45 AM. New York State has made progress in combatting the virus and limiting new infections (“flattening the curve”), but we are, of course, very aware of increasing rates of infection in other states, so we will continue to monitor the risks.

Our re-opening plan will involve a series of safety protocols for everyone to follow. If you are unable to follow these guidelines, please do not enter the building. However, we will continue with virtual Zoom services because, in fact, through Zoom we have drawn new participants to worship.

• A key factor involves a self-assessment: How are you feeling today? Have you recently
experienced a fever, cough, sore throat, or unusual headaches? Have you been exposed to
family members or others with symptoms of the Corona Virus? Have you recently traveled
from a state with new outbreaks, like Florida, Texas or California? People displaying no
symptoms may still be infectious. Have you recently tested positive for the virus? If “yes” to any of these questions, please do not enter the building today. We appreciate your cooperation.

• We require six-foot distancing. Those already sharing shelter may sit together. Ushers will assist you with entering, seating and exiting the sanctuary. For the time being, singing and unison readings will not be included in worship, but we will have music for you to enjoy! We will not offer Sunday School or nursery care for now, so kids must be with parents at all times.

• Face masks are required, except for very young children. We will have face masks available for you. If a heavier cloth mask presents problems, please use one that we provide.

• Please wash hands frequently. Hand sanitizer will be supplied at each entrance and in the
pews. Please refrain from all handshakes, hugs, elbow or hip bumps.

These guidelines may feel inconvenient, but we are dedicated to keeping one another as safe as possible, especially those among us most vulnerable to infection. On the reverse side of this letter you will see what will be posted at each entry door to the church. We are living in a new reality and we are grateful for your cooperation. This return to in-person worship is a “work in progress”, so we will make adjustments in our plan as needed. Thanks for keeping faith with our ministry at this time.
Questions? Please contact any member of the Re-Opening Team.