Note: this was our last service before services were cancelled due to the Corona Virus.  Services are now at 9:30 AM on-line.  Contact the church office for information on how to connect.


Jesus crossed the line, and here’s how he did it.  It’s because he confounded everyone, the Pharisees, the Priests, the Romans, and even his own disciples.

FRONT:  Confounded them how?

      BACK:     Because he broke the Sabbath laws?

      LEFT:      Or was it when he violated custom, by talking to   

                        women and Samaritans?

      RIGHT:    Maybe it was the despicable people he healed?

There was certainly plenty of those things to irritate them, but here’s what the main thing was:  They couldn’t understand why Jesus wasn’t seeking power, like they would do, like people like that always do.

      FRONT:  You’re right, he wasn’t arming his followers.

      BACK:     You’re right, he wasn’t preparing for insurrection.

      LEFT:      You’re right, he wasn’t plotting to be a King, a High

                        Priest, a General, or an Emperor.

      RIGHT:   So what was it that Jesus aspired to be?

A servant. That’s what confounded them, that’s what they couldn’t understand.   And that’s what we’re called to be!

      FRONT/BACK/LEFT/RIGHT:  A servant church! Amen!


      Vitality is what we seek for our congregation.  Vitality in prayer. Vitality in relationships. Vitality in singing.  Vitality in mission.  Vitality in the Lord!  Vitality doesn’t just happen, like pulling a light switch or pushing a button.  Vitality is the spark that marks the difference between “living stones” and an old building.  Vitality is the spark that marks the difference between a living faith and old memories. Vitality is the spark that marks a living faith and old memories. Vitality is the spark that marks the difference between being adrift and having a direction.  Vitality is the spark that marks the difference between fear and hope.  We are praying in Jesus’ name.  Amen!


In God we are created as vital people. In Christ we are baptized into the vitality of faith, and in Christ we are inspired at his table.  In the Spirit, we feel the vitality moving us forward like wind filling the sails.  Amen!

 SCRIPTURE READING           John 13:1-20

Jesus came to Simon Peter, who said to him, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?”  Jesus answered, “You do not know what I am doing, but later you will understand.”

 COMMUNION CONVERSATION                     Rev. James Renfrew

[1]  Why do you think Jesus washed his disciples’ feet?

[2]  Why do you think Peter found it hard to let Jesus wash his feet?

[3]  Who does the work around here, and how do they do it?

[4]  What thoughts cross your mind when I say “washing the feet”?

[5]  In what ways could we serve one another and the world better?

[6]  What does it mean to be an empowered servant?

[7]  What could a Servant Church look like here in Byron??

 What We Believe:     We believe that we have something vital to offer to the world. In times of worry and fear we offer ourselves as servants, not out of calculation, but in response to the Gospel of love.  At the table of Jesus, as we receive from him, and we offer ourselves for the sake of others.  At the table we re-commit to servanthood.  In the bread and the cup, served long ago, we find hope and possibility in the present.  At the table we are ready to receive from God, and God is ready to give in Jesus Christ.  Amen.