October 22 Bible Study

I’ve been watching the eight-part Country Music series by Ken Burns on PBS this past week. In one scene, a women being interviewed described her reaction to hearing for the first time Patsy Cline’s song, “I Fall to Pieces”.  It’s a song about a relationship ending badly, and when the woman heard it while driving her car she immediately connected it to her own failing relationship. She said, on camera, “It was like Patsy knew all about me when she sang that song, and I didn’t feel so alone anymore”.

I was struck by that comment and related it to reading the Bible.  Often we are slogging through long paragraphs filled with names of people and places that we can barely pronounce, much less understand, when all of a sudden one particular verse seizes my heart and soul, and I wonder in amazement how God seemed to know everything about me and everything about what I really need.

I have found some of these gems from time to time while reading the Bible, and I am always hoping to find more of them. It’s why I keep coming back for more.  My gem may be a complete “dud” for you, but something I’ve skipped over as a “dud” might the gem you have found.  It’s what I love about reading the Bible together –  we can share those “aha!” moments with each other, those moments when we are amazed to discover that God has just touched us like never before

Jim Moore has asked me to prepare our next Bible Study, on Tuesday, October 22, 7:00 PM.

The text will be Matthew 13:45: “the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls; when he finds one of great value he goes and sells everything he owns and buys it.”

Is this verse the gem that you have missed?  Let’s find out!

Bible Study Prep:

Tell us about a gem you have found in the Bible, one of those texts in which God seemed to know everything about you.

Let’s make a list of questions we might ask the merchant, to learn from him what made this gem and his desire to have it so compelling.

What do you think Jesus means by the phrase “kingdom of heaven”. How is a pearl like the kingdom of heaven?

What things have been placed in front of you that might serve as your window into the heart of God?

[Pastor Jim Renfrew]