Year 8 coming up!

Wow! It seems impossible that we are about to start our 8th year of Bible study! Thank you to everyone that has attended over the last 7 years – each and every one of you has been such a blessing to the rest of us.

I sure hope our “regulars” all come back this year but I would like to extend an invitation to everyone in our church to give it a try. I’ve heard a number of you tell me why they don’t come and all too often it starts with “I don’t really know the Bible that well”, “I’m not a scholarly person”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I haven’t even read the Bible”, I would have nothing to say”, “I don’t have time”, or something along those lines.

Well that’s all nonsense of course so let me tell you how it goes.

We only meet once a month – a small investment considering the rewards. J The leader gives a very short introduction to our passage of the night with a tiny bit of history and/or background. We read the passage we are discussing that night. There is a short list of question that is intended to guide our discussion (sometimes it doesn’t work J) Some folks respond to the questions, others just listen – either is just fine! We look for how the passage speaks to each of us differently, what we might learn, and how it applies to our lives today. No homework, nobody gets put on the spot, and everyone’s thoughts are welcome. It is a small (usually 6-10 people) group and is very informal – AND we have snacks!

And we have rules! 1: Our goal is for all (who wish to) to share and for everyone to learn. So we ask that you listen with interest and kindness. 2: Because we honor one another for having the willingness to share from the heart we ask that if you see something differently you say “I see it differently” and never something like “You are wrong” We encourage all points of view but given in a kind and loving maner. You get the idea. 3: Hopefully our questions will prompt something more important than agreement or disagreement – understanding. In the presence of differing views we all experience greater understanding and we cherish everyone’s view. 4: It’s important that everyone feel free to think out loud and sometimes speak at length. In general it is probably better to err on the side of being too brief and then giving, or even encouraging, others a chance ask to hear more, respond, ask questions, or offer their own points. Speak all you want but just don’t monopolize the whole evening.

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the church (downstairs) at 7:00. Our first get together is on September 27th. Topic: Pentecost and the Holy spirit – what it means to us today.

Please join us!

Yours in Christ, with love – Jim M., Bible Study facilitator