Music Notes of Thanks!                             

During this season of Thanksgiving, I would simply like to offer my sincerest thanks to all of the amazing people that have helped bring music into our spiritual lives here at the First Presbyterian Church of Byron:
Mary Ann Blair, Choir Member (Alto) & Hammered Dulcimer
Chrystal Britt, Choir Member (Alto)
Sydney Carli, Flute & Piccolo
Kim Dewey, Choir Member (Alto)
Eric George, Choir Member (Bass)
Tamara Hillabush Walker, Choir Member (Soprano)
Helen Hulburt, Choir Member (Contralto)
David Keller, Choir Member (Tenor), Bassoon, Contrabassoon, & anything else I ask for!
Melanie Nesbitt, Choir Member (Alto)
Tom Nesbitt, Choir Member (Tenor)
Gail Radley, Choir Member (Soprano)
Ellieanna Renfrew, Violin
James Renfrew, Former Choir Member (Bass), Mandolin, Violin
Robin Shuknecht, Choir Member (Soprano)
Isabelle Stevens, Choir Member (Soprano)
Connie Swanson, Choir Member (Soprano)
Elizabeth Weber,  Choir Member (Soprano), Organist Emeritus, Chimes

Musically Yours,
Larry Tallman, Music Director

November/December Choir Rehearsal Schedule

11/09 (Wed) – Choir (7:00)                                                        12/04 (Sun) – Anthem (Advent 2) (Choir 9:00)

11/16 (Wed) – Choir (9:00)                                                        12/07 (Wed) – Choir (7:00)

11/18 (Fri) – CHOIR SUPPER                                                      12/11 (Sun) – Anthem (Advent 3) (Choir 9:00)

at the Keller/Tallman Residence (6:00)                      12/14 -NO CHOIR

11/20 (Sun) – ANTHEM SUNDAY (Choir 9:00)                      12/18 – (Advent 4) Children’s Program

11/23 (Wed) – NO CHOIR                                                                           Special Music!

11/27 (Sun) – ANTHEM SUNDAY (Advent 1) (Choir 9:00) 12/24 – Christmas Eve Service (Choir 4:15)

11/30 (Wed) – Choir (7:00)                                                          12/25 – CHRISTMAS DAY – Carols Galore!

                                                                                                12/27 – NO CHOIR