Dear Friends,

We invite you to a special gathering on Wednesday, January 20, 7:00 PM, at the church to consider becoming a member of our church.

Most of those receiving this letter have been attending our church and participating in church activities for many years already, so who we are and what we do should not be a big mystery.  Many receiving this letter have already expressed a desire to pursue membership, but for different reasons life has gotten in the way.  This gathering on January 20th is to help us move forward from intention.  Maybe a larger group taking steps toward membership would be more comfortable for you?  We’re willing to try!

What we have in mind is a conversation, so by walking in the door that night you are not committing yourself to anything.  If, for any reason, you wish to steer clear of this gathering on January 20th, we are happy to have you continue as you have already been participating.

During our October stewardship season we raised up this theme for our congregation:  “We’re All Here!”.  More than anything else, membership is an expression of belonging: to God, to Jesus, to the Spirit, to the church, to spiritual ideals, to faithful values, to hands-on mission, to a growing faith family, and to one another.  Membership at our church does not presuppose knowledge of or adherence to any particular doctrine, but it does involve a willingness to be on a spiritual journey together with other Christians.

While you may be somewhat aware of how people have become members of our church in the past, with this meeting we are throwing just about everything out the window, and if membership is an option that you want to pursue we will create a way that works best for you.

We’re all here!  Ready to share.  Eager to help.  Equipped for prayer.  Generous in love.  A place to belong.  We hope that you will join us on January 20th.

In the Peace and Hope of Jesus Christ,

Gwen George, Membership Committee              Kim Dewey, Clerk of Session




P.S.    We will be serving special desserts for this meeting.