Here you will find the contents of the 2016 Stewardship Appeal to the congregation, as presented on October 11th.  The Estimate of Giving form is found at the end of this document.

 2016 Stewardship Appeal Byron Presbyterian Church

We’re All Here!

 You for us, and us for you.

 Ready to Share

Eager to Help

Equipped for Prayer

Generous in Love 

A Place to Belong

 Why I Belong Here

     Rachel and I wanted to go to church.  Might not know anyone there, but we went!  I liked it right away because of the positive vibe, homey and comfortable.  It’s a great place for children!  My son Danny was baptized here.  My daughter Isabelle was thrilled with a youth mission week over the summer in Rochester.  I became a member of the church.  It was a gut feeling that if I want to go to church I want to be “all-in” as part of the whole family.  Later I was invited to serve as a church elder.  I was very surprised that people saw something like this in me.  If I do things I want to put my best energy into them, too, so I agreed to serve as an elder.  Praise God, we love it here!  [Dan Stevens]

 Financial Overview  2015 Budget Figures

 Income                                                          Expense

 Commitments                                                 Worship & Music

          $67,872                                                            $26,205

Loose Offering, Expected Additional         Mission

          $7,300                                                            $17,123

Per Capita Contributions                            Ministry of Care

          $1.100                                                             $10,024

Fundraising                                                  Children, Youth, Sunday School

          $5,000                                                              $13,998

Gifts & Miscellaneous                                 Per Capita

          $1,050                                                               $3,261

Building Use                                                Operations & Maintenance

          $850                                                                $35,819

Investments, Endowments, Bequests


TOTAL                $96,263                     TOTAL                $106,530

 Note:  This brief budget does not report various non-budget, pass-through, or in-kind contributions.  You will note a $10,000 gap between budgeted income and expenses, but the actual short-fall by year-end is expected to be approximately $6,000.

Ready to Share … Eager to Help!

 Worship & Music

           “I never want to miss a Sunday!”


           “I have made friends for life through my involvement in this congregation.”

 Community Mission

           “I love being in a church that puts a high priority upon meeting the community’s needs, particularly with food and care for children.”


          “A church that invites its members and friends to learn more about the Bible and its message of hope.”


          “We love to pray for each other and the world around us on Sunday mornings, and throughout the week.  We love to multiply our prayers through our Prayer Chain.”


           “Young children love to participate in our Sunday School, and older children have great opportunities in our youth programs.”

Join With Us!  Belong!

[   ]   I am interested in joining this congregation

[   ]   Please let me know how to participate in upcoming mission projects

[   ]   Please let me know about Bible Study opportunities

[   ]   I am interested in working with children or youth

[   ]   I’d love to sing or play an instrument during Sunday worship

[   ]   Just let me know where I’m needed and I’ll do my best to help

[   ]   Tell me more about serving on a Seasonal Worship Team

[   ]   I volunteer to mow the grass or clear ice and snow from the steps

[   ]   Please have the pastor contact me about Baptism

[   ]   Please sign me up for the Prayer Chain

[   ]   Please include me on the schedule for snacks & refreshments

[   ]   Someone needs to polish the steeple weathervane –  I’ll do it!

[   ]   Other:   __________________________________________

We’re All Here!

Byron Presbyterian – 2016 Estimate of Giving

Name(s)         _____________________________________

Address:         _____________________________________

As a reflection of my faith in Jesus Christ, my joy for his love, and my commitment to his church in this community, I plan to offer financial support for the ministry and mission of the Byron Presbyterian Church in 2016 as follows (please check one):

$ ______   [  ] weekly   [  ] bi-weekly   [  ] monthly   [  ]  annually

Please fill out this Estimate of Giving card and to return it to the Byron Presbyterian Church, PO Box 206, Byron, NY  14422-0206 (attention Stewardship Committee), or place it in the offering plate.  Please return this Estimate of Giving form by Sunday, November 8th.  Don’t forget to fill out the checklist on the reverse side of this form.  Thank you!

[  ]   I prefer not to make an estimate of giving at this time; but please provide me a box of 2016 offering envelopes.

[  ]   I do not need a set of 2016 Offering Envelopes.