Just a quick update …

Our Oct. 27 Bible study was a wonderful event! With Mark 12:28-34 as our focus we had an awesome discussion of what it means to really love God and our neighbors.

It became clear as we explored this passage that loving God means always turning to Him first and not as an after thought, no matter what the circumstance.  We sometimes get so overwhelmed with the things of the world that we forget that he is always in charge and needs to be first in our minds and hearts as we experience the joys and trials of this life.

Loving our neighbor as ourselves prompted a discussion of just who our neighbor is.  We often tend to see that as our friends and close circle of acquaintances.  Jesus gave us many examples to teach us that  “neighbor” refers to all – friends, enemies, and people we may not even know.

Everyone loves themselves! When self is hungry we find it something to eat. When self is thirsty, we find it something to drink. When self gets sick, we get self some medical treatment. In other words, we always seek to meet the needs that pertain to self. This is the way we are to love our neighbor.

We were blessed to have 8 folks show up for our study including Dave Fish who we all were so glad to see again!

Our next Bible study is scheduled for Nov. 24th.  Please join us and check back here for a preview.