Staff, Leaders, and Officers

Pastor (Interim): Rev. Michael Fry

Clerk of Session: Kim Dewey
Phone: 585 – 356 – 2256
**In absence of a pastor, please contact Kim for all pastoral needs.

Administrative Assistant: David Burke
Church phone: 585 – 548 – 2800
Office hours: Tuesday 10am to 1pm, Friday 10am to 1pm

Treasurer: Shannon Thompson
Phone: 585 – 694 – 4313 (call or text)

Music Director: Laurence Tallman
Phone: 585 – 857 – 6409 (call or text)

Sunday School Teacher:  Faline Tyler
Phone: 585 – 409 – 7128 (call or text)

Youth Group Leader: Isabelle Stevens
Phone: 585 – 435 – 1947 (call or text)

Bookkeeper: Sheri Abdoo

Sexton: Penny Kennett

Organist Emeritus: Elizabeth Weber

Boards (as of Jan. 2024)

Board of Elders (Session):  Kim Dewey, Mark Dewey, Eric George, Kathleen George, David Keller, Robin Shuknecht, and Tamara Hillabush Walker

Board of Deacons:  Laura Platt (chairperson), Patty Iamon, Melanie Nesbitt, Barb Read, Vicky Truax, Faline Tyler, and Isabelle Stevens

Board of Trustees:  Tom Nesbitt (chairperson), Lee Blair Jr., Don B Britt, Harley George, Pam Lynch, Jeanie Sloat, and Rich Walker



Church Life Committee: Rev. Michael Fry, Kim Dewey, Isabelle Stevens, Faline Tyler, Eric George, Laurence Tallman, Chrystal Britt, Pam Lynch, Marilyn Britt, MaryAnn Blair, and Luan Riner

Pastor Nominating Committe (as of June 2024): Laura Bestehorn, Kim Dewey, Eric George, Laurence Tallman, Shannon Thompson, Faline Tyler, and Tamara Hillabush Walker