We can help you with your post-Christmas shopping!  We have 200th Anniversary cookbooks or T-shirts.  Please speak to Robin Glazier or Laura Bestehorn to get yours!

The 199th Annual Meeting of the Congregation and Corporation of the First Presbyterian Church of Byron will take place immediately following worship on Sunday, January 28.  The purpose of the meeting is to engage all of the people of the church in important decisions about budgets and finances, election of church officers and Nominating Committee members,  the work of boards and committees, to review the church Sexual Misconduct Policy and to act on any other matters that are properly brought forward to this meeting.  Each committee is asked to submit a written report no later than Sunday, January 21st.

2018 Offering Envelopes have been distributed. If you would like a set of offering envelopes, please speak to Gwen George.  Those who have submitted 2018 Estimates of Giving will receive periodic financial statements during the year, useful for record-keeping and tax purposes.  If you would like to receive these financial statements, and you haven’t made a financial commitment for 2018, please speak to our Treasurer Robin Glazier during January, so she can keep track of your contributions during the coming year.

2018 Per Capita envelopes are included in each box of envelopes.  “Per Capita” is much like organizational “dues”, each member’s fair share of denominational operations.   We encourage you to submit these Per Capita envelopes during January, if possible, but we are happy to receive them throughout the year.  If you do not use envelopes you may contribute Per Capita in your plate offering on any Sunday, but please mark them “Per Capita”.  The Per Capita amount in 2018 is $31.26

     Quilting Party! Faline Tyler is leading a project to make a 200th Anniversary Quilt for our church.  The first gathering follows worship on January 21st.  Skills or no skills are invited to participate!